Just back from Haiti…


We’ve returned from another adventurous trip to Haiti.  When asked how our trip went, I am always a little lost for words.  A good experience, a fun time, a constructive time?

How do I answer those questions?  I must admit that always in coming back – no matter how many trips I make – there is a time of adjustment and reflection of where I’ve been and how I live.  Our trips are so much more than just a good experience.  They cut deeply into our hearts and are life-changing for some.

As I bring people with me to this third-world country, it’s always good for me to see with the fresh eyes of others.  When we return, there are some who say, “When do you stop crying?” or some that are greeted by their loved ones with, “I’m glad that you had a good experience.”

Oh my!

That’s why I always tell people that I feel like I’ve been to the moon and back.  How do you convey the poverty and the way your heart has been touched? But all that to say, we are so blessed in this country and should not be driven by guilt, but by love.

I was especially aware of your prayers during our trip. I can’t tell you how thankful I was and continue to be for each of you here at home that faithfully pray. Also for those of you that gave so generously.  I say thank you from each child within the school in Nan Wo and their parents.

One of our team members was from Canada.  He was adopted from the orphanage where we stay 18 years ago.  I remember him as a 3 year old with huge eyes and a sweet heart.  This was his first trip back to his native country and he was delighted as he began remembering things when his senses, especially smell, brought back small details of his earlier life.  And God is so good! He was able to meet two of his brothers, whom he had no idea even existed, and spend a day with them.  His father and one other brother are also living a short distance away.  What a day for James!

Another member of the team was able to meet her sponsored little girl for the first time.  The joy on both of their faces shone so brightly that it didn’t matter that they could not speak each other’s language.  It was the language of love.

I passed a man on the street that my husband and I had met four years ago.  He is a leader in a voodoo cult and I spoke with him again asking if he remembered us.  The empty look in his eyes touched my heart and I ask you to pray with me that he might find the hope that is found in Jesus.

These are the reasons I continue to go to Haiti and invite others to come with me.  Please pray for the upcoming teams and our purpose for each trip.

We from Hope in Haiti thank you so much for partnering with us in the sponsorship of children and the building of church and schools for them. May each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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