Simple Gifts

Thanksgiving was a time with family and friends.   It was a time to stop and take a breath and reflect on how much we have and how rich we are as a family.  I am extremely thankful as I look back over the last year and see God’s hand continually on my life.    Now, as Christmas approaches, I take another deep breath to plunge in with all that needs to be done.  I’m ready to simplify things a little, but don’t think my kids are ready to let me get away with too much.

I love this time of year and think so much about the birth of Jesus. What was it like?    Was it cold?  Did it smell with all the animals?  Was Mary’s labor long?    What I do know is that God’s presence must have been very close to Joseph and Mary as they walked in simple obedience.  They were registering as a family for the census – nothing big or spiritual. But God was very much with them.    People were looking for a powerful man to save them.  God gave them a baby, born in a barn.  And, without anyone fully realizing what was taking place, God gave us the Savior that we were looking for in such an ordinary way.    Many missed it.  It was too simple.

In some ways, I relate this to Haiti and the work that we’ve begun there this past year.    God has very much gone before us.  A simple dream to help those so much less fortunate than we is being realized in a very ordinary way.   You are all such a part of this.  You help feed the children each day – a meal they never had before.  You have brought hope into their lives in the simple form of education – something they wouldn’t be able to have without each of you.    Their lives are being changed.  You have given them a very simple, ordinary gift.  And God is very much with us.

Pastor Louinet lives in a very small house with two rooms and a dirt floor.     He has a wife, two girls and a boy.  He must provide for his family.  He is a quiet man, yet he has the heart of Moses to lead his people.    He has no car, but is driven with vision and purpose.  He continues to work tirelessly, speaking to his people about hope and God’s love for them.    Pray for this man as he takes on so much responsibility.  There is still a church/school to build in Nawo.  My prayer is that we can raise money for cement, rock, and blocks; then send work teams in the spring to help them build their church.

They meet in a pole building now, wrapped with palm fronds.   In Kawo, they have the same small type of building with a torn, tattered tarp for the roof.  Church or classes are canceled when it rains so we are also raising funds for a roof on this church and school.    This is really a big project, so I would love your prayers.

As you celebrate Christmas with your families this year, know that God is present.    Find Him in the ordinary things of your life.  His Son was the greatest gift of all time.  When I think of what has been given to me, I am extremely humbled and it becomes easy to reach out to others. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of HOPE in Haiti and for everything you’ve given.

Please continue to send in your sponsorship gifts monthly, quarterly or annually to the P.O. Box listed below. Please also continue to pray for the children and their families.    May your Christmas be filled with great peace and joy as you celebrate the birth of God’s Son!


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