Trips departing soon

People have been asking, “What trips are coming up for Hope in Haiti teams, and are there any spots available?” So here’s the scoop on what’s coming up next for HIH mission teams:

airplane wingIn middle February, we have a team of 8 people flying out for a regularly-scheduled student profile update project in the mountains of Kawo. They will be hiking across the rugged, barren mountains in the Caribbean heat for 6 hours each way to spend time with these precious ones, gather updated information, administer dental fluoride treatments, and help with a construction project. Unfortunately, it is too late to add more members to this trip’s team.
Please begin praying now for the safety and health of the team, for strength to endure the harsh terrain and conditions, and for hearts sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Coming up in early April, there is a special children’s event for the kids of Nan wo, put on by a Hope in Haiti team consisting of sixteen people. The team includes a number of moms and their kids. They will be putting on something of a Haitian-style VBS for 250 of the children of Nan wo and beyond. While tickets are not yet booked, there is physically no more room for additional people to join this team.
Please be praying for the safety of the whole team and for a tremendous impact in the lives of the young people involved.


Bricks for Christmas

hih school building construction bricks2This Christmas as you look over your gift list, would you consider buying bricks for your loved ones?  No, we’re not suggesting you wrap up a stack of wall material and drop it at the foot of your tree. We’re talking about the gift of school building construction for children in Haiti.

As the fiery Caribbean sun crests the treeless green mountains of Haiti and pours light into the Artibonite valley hamlet of Nan wo, children arrive at school with books in hand, wondering anew when they will have a building to study in. The bare foundation that was poured last year now boasts a few walls and a couple of door frames, but it’s far from being a school. The brick layers have faithfully worked when called upon, but without any money to pay them and no materials to work with, the school administrators can’t make the dream of a complete school building a reality. The kids walk past the foundation and into their various patched-up corrugated metal shelters where classes resume once again.

This has been the scene, day after day, week after week in the close-knit but dirt-poor farming community of Nan wo, Haiti. With poverty haunting their every step, many of the people are resigned to a future without hope or positive change. Hope in Haiti began working in Nan wo in 2007 to establish sponsored, quality education for the children of this valley and allow them to have a hope for the future. The building for this school has existed in our hearts and theirs for years as they’ve studied in tin shacks and in borrowed church space. But in 2012, a huge step forward began with the laying of our new school foundation. And we may soon have that building if God brings the funds! Are you ready to get this done?

Right now, for every $20.00 in donations we receive toward school building construction, Hope in Haiti will send you a token gift of thanks–a physical reminder of the work you are a part of, in the form of a foam rubber replica brick. These bricks are not only reminders of the valuable part you are playing in children’s education in Haiti, but they are good conversation starters to talk about the work going on in Haiti, as well as hih bricksbeing handy stress relievers : ) Donate in the name of your loved ones and give these as tokens of what you’ve done in their honor. Each brick includes our website and the Biblical reminder of Psalm 127:1, which reads:
Unless the Lord builds the house,
the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
the guards stand watch in vain.
It is truly our sovereign God who provides, builds, and protects all that we hold dear in Haiti.

Now is the perfect time to step up and get the walls built for the Nan wo school! To get started now,  scroll down to the  DONATE button on the right hand side at the bottom of this page to use our PayPal donation system. As you are completing the PayPal transaction, be sure hit “Add special instructions” and enter “Bricks”, so that we know the purpose of your gift. For more info on this need and ways to give, please write us a note. God bless you!


Guest blog: A Message from Louinet Gilles

The youth groups from eleven churches came together for worship, Bible teaching, and fun activities

The youth groups from eleven churches came together for worship, Bible teaching, and fun activities

Last week, thanks to the generosity of some of you friends of Hope in Haiti, Pastor Louinet Gilles and his network of pastors and youth workers gathered over two hundred and twenty youths for a teen Bible camp at the church. This is Louinet’s letter of thanks, in Creole first for those who “pale” and then in English.


                    Mwen byen kontan moman sa poum salye nan non Senye a ki gen tout pouvra. Mesi anpil  paske ou te sipote nou pou kan an te fet kote nou tap fe anpil edikasyon pou ti moun yo. Map mand Bondye pou l kontinye jete gras li sou ou ak tout fanmi w e zanmi w yo

                   - sete paste Louinet Gilles



Good afternoon,

I am happy to take a minute and greet you in the Lord’s name who has all power.  Thank you so much for supporting us in the camp and for in everything you do for the education of the children.  I ask God to continue giving His grace to you and your family and your friends.

-Pastor Louinet Gilles


From the whole board, thank you for being a part of Hope in Haiti and for supporting great things like this camp. God has used you mightily!


Washington Kids Gather to Support Hope in Haiti Work

The home of Glynis Morris is a little busier than usual this week. In fact, a lot more than usual. Dozens of children come streaming into the yard, laughing, playing, and lining up for snacks and games. In one side of the yard, Monroe’s “Reptile Man” wows the kids with his enormous iguana and turtle and all kinds of other scaly friends. Not far away, Dixie Montgomery shares about Hope in Haiti and displays some metal artwork crafted in Haiti.

What is all this about? Glynis and her kids have a passion for doing ministry to the poorest of the poor in Haiti. They have been on a team with HIH once before and have resolved to go back and to give back. They have been brainstorming on how they can help make a difference, how to raise more money, and how to get involved in a ministry trip again. They have put on benefit rummage sales already this year, and one of their other plans for this year has been this day camp. They’ve organized a summer day camp for friends and neighbors and many others, hosting them at their own home and putting on a fun week-long adventure for the kids, and raising money for Haiti in the process! “I was amazed… This camp is so fun! Glynis and her kids are amazing,” said Dixie after joining the camp Monday. Their goal is not only to raise money to donate to Hope in Haiti, but also to help get themselves back to Haiti to help put on a Bible camp for children.

Please pray for the Morris family this week as they work hard at this week’s camp. In the middle of the week, their youngest son, Micah had to go to the hospital with a broken leg, so the stress level got turned up a notch or two. Pray for their peace, joy, and focus on their vision.


Pine Creek Nursery to host HIH in upcoming event

Pine Creek Wine TastingOn Saturday, July 20th, make plans to be at Pine Creek Nursery outside Monroe, WA for the 2nd Annual Art and Wine Walk. This casual outing will include dinner, wine tasting, and an array of galleries and booths by locals artists. And what’s more, you can come and show your support for Hope in Haiti at our booth! We will be on hand to share about recent developments in Haiti and our schools, displaying fine Haitian metal art for sale, and promoting the cause of student sponsorship. So come, take a stroll through the gardens, have some good conversation, enjoy the serenading guitar music, and breathe in the fresh air of a beautiful evening with your friends.

Tickets are available  by calling 360.863.8866