Hope in Haiti

Bricks for Christmas!

 hih bricksHope in Haiti is building a schoolhouse in NanWo near the old capitol city of Dessalines and we need your help. We would love to have you partner with us and change the lives of hundreds of children by supplying the funds needed for the building materials. For every $20 or greater donation you will receive a foam rubber brick as a thank you. This will be a physical reminder of the children in NanWo and the valuable education they are receiving, thanks to you. Click here to find out more
We appreciate all that you do for these children and we invite you to follow the building progress on our blog and Facebook page. May you be richly blessed as you have blessed others.”
- Tony Robinson, Vice President of Hope in Haiti

Who we are

Hope in Haiti works with the poorest of the poor in Haitian communities that are not being reached through any other organization.

The mission of Hope in Haiti is to provide relief through:

  • early childhood, elementary and secondary education
  • building churches, schools and wells
  • providing basic medical and dental care
  • mentoring Haitians to become better leaders
  • providing other relief and social assistance as needed in Haiti

Hope in Haiti is currently focusing our efforts in in the rural communities of Nan wo, a river valley village, and Kawo, a collection of mountain villages.  Click here to read more about the ministry of Hope in Haiti